A funny commercial for Menarini, dealing with a male's inability to last long in the bedroom.   Producer: James Greville Director: Tori Garrett DOP: Mark Warham
A hilarious and adorable look at what toddlers are really saying. Producer: James Greville Director: Tori Garrett DOP: Bob Humphries
A powerful commercial on the impact and consequences of speeding.    
Slide is an Australian teen drama series that follows the adventures of a five teenage friends finishing high school in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  
Wentworth is an Australian drama about the lives of the women in a female prison. Season 1 episode 5 & 6 were directed by Tori Garrett.
Director: Tori Garrett Writer: James Greville The Barrows is a bittersweet tale of true love, and hearts entwined for a lifetime, in an imagined 'what-if' continuation of the Bonnie and Clyde legend. Tori Garrett won numerous Best Director Awards for her Short Film `The Barrows’ in 2008 including The Australian...
Wonderland is an Australian television romantic comedy drama series. The series is set in an apartment building and focuses on four couples as they navigate love, life and friendships. Wonderland features an ensemble cast and is filmed on location in Sydney.