Director: Beth Armstrong Producer: Luke Eve D.O.P: Shing Fung Cheung Format: 35mm film Production Designer: James Croke Editor: Melanie Annan Music: Biddy Connor
An Australian drama series following the lives of extended family the "Tivolli". Season 1 , Episode 4 & 5 - Directed by Tori Garrett Season 2 , Episode 3 & 4 - Directed by Tori Garrett
Tori Garrett directed a block of episodes on Season two of the Channel Nine Logie award winning show "Doctor Doctor".
Mustangs FC is a goal-kicking comedy drama about girls who are abandoning the sidelines and starting their local football club's first all female team. TLI's Tori Garrett was set-up director for the show which has now opened to rave reviews! Article Link