The Barrows
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Director: Tori Garrett
Writer: James Greville

The Barrows is a bittersweet tale of true love, and hearts entwined for a lifetime, in an imagined ‘what-if’ continuation of the Bonnie and Clyde legend.

Tori Garrett won numerous Best Director Awards for her Short Film `The Barrows’ in 2008 including The Australian Directors Guild, the Homebrewed Film Festival here in Oz, Washington DC Shorts Film Festival, Washington USA, No Spot Film Festival, New York as well as winning Best Drama and Best Female Director at The International Festival of Cinema and Technology 2008 . The film toured with the St Kilda film festival here and was in competition at Palm Springs, Rhode Island, Festival Cinema Tout Ecran, Geneva, Malibu, Staten Island, LA shorts among others, and made the short film corner at Cannes.