Rock Bottom
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A young woman’s comic struggle through share houses, love, sex and the shittest jobs in the world as she moves to Brisbane to chase her dream of working in the music business.

Rock Bottom follows the journey of Bundaberg Girl Jill Williams after she moves to Brisbane, to follow her musical ambitions. When her own music does not seem to be finding an audience, the hardworking and pragmatic Jill becomes more determined to find a job somewhere (anywhere!) within the music business. But what they don’t tell you about the business, is there is very little money in it, and working your way up from Rock’s bottom, living in a dump with two very different boys, and working for smug music executives…. Well it sucks ass. Despite Jill’s passion (often expressed physically with singers and guitarists) and the odd free drink at a showcase, she must surely chuck in the towel soon? But perhaps desperation is the Muther fucker of reinvention.