Beth Armstrong
Beth Armstrong

Originally trained as an actor, Beth has amassed an impressive portfolio of work since moving behind the camera. Her eye for talent and performance has resulted in global success for her drama work, and demand for her commercial work.

Beth has made a number of highly successful short films and has received government funding to develop her feature film. Beth’s masters short film, Danya screened in over 20 international festivals, receiving thirteen awards, five of them Best Film awards, including the Boston Motion Picture Award, and the Jackson Hole Film Festival.

Beth is an actor’s director, and has achieved her success not only by drawing remarkable performances from her cast, but also creating a beautiful frame for them to work in.  Beth’s clients include Gold Lotto, the Indian Ministry of Tourism, Queensland Workplace Health and Safety, Golden Casket and Weight Watchers amongst others. Beth has taken time out for her biggest production, the birth of her daughters Esme and Ivy but is now delighted to be back in the directing chair. Beth’s producer is James Greville.